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Estimate Process

Once we speak or communicate, I will provide you with a written estimate to complete your job(s). The estimate will include all materials, labor, and any shipping/taxes that may apply. I also charge a reduced hourly rate for time spent buying the materials. If it is more convenient, I can purchase and pick up all materials and provide the receipts. 

Although my estimates are usually accurate, please understand that there are times when unforeseen circumstances may add to the cost of the job. It is of paramount importance that you provide as much detail as possible when describing the job - that way, I can create the most accurate estimate possible. I also reserve the right to turn down jobs, based on availability and potential difficulties in risk or scope that are foreseen to not be manageable, based on the estimate.


My estimates are based on the nature of your job, potential risks (e.g., exposure of more work once the job is initiated - such as an uneven sub-floor that would require additional leveling), and market rates for similar jobs.

Depending on the size of the job, your quote will be a fixed price or time and materials. I will of course be transparent about what is included in the estimate. 

Unlike other contractors, I do NOT charge a minimum, and take both small and large jobs. 


Depending on your comfort level, I can work with or without you in the home. Please note that I will try to work with you to accommodate your timeframe and scheduling needs, but since I am a one man show, I sometimes need to schedule 1-2 weeks out. 


I will provide you with a finalized invoice once the job is complete. Payment is due immediately. I accept cash, check, or PayPal. 

Property Management Services

I charge 10% of the rent per month to manage occupied properties, and one (1) month's rent to source and place a new tenant. 

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